Thursday, February 8, 2007

What happened to January?

Geez Louise...I feel like I posted my last blog about a week ago but its really been over a month!! What have I been up to? Well, there was the purse snatching in Central Park while freezing my cajones off...and movies and dinners...I just can't believe how quickly the last 5 or so weeks since new years have flown by. The good news is I have yet to smoke a single cigarette - actually the smell alone annoys me now. And I'm managing to still do the save money/chip away at credit card debt thing. So my resolutions are becoming reality. I haven't been doing so well with the whole gym schedule thing but I'm not gonna beat myself up over it...I've been working extra hours in the office and then stepping outside to single digit temperatures (or at least when you factor in the wind chill). Hopefully once it warms up a little and things slow down at the office (IF they slow down) I'll get back to a regular schedule.

Speaking of work, its time to make the donuts.....

Friday, December 29, 2006

A new year? Or more of the same?

For the last few weeks and months I've felt like I never have any free time. Every day is work, every weekend is obligations - whether with family or friends. I've approached everything with the mindset of "get it over with" and come January I can relax. Well, here I am on December 29th and I'm already dreading what I know will be a few quiet, boring months ahead. I also know that I'll make the annual resolution list of losing weight and working out, putting some money into savings while chipping away at my credit card bills....problem is I never seem to stick to anything. Story of my life. The eat right/work out thing will last a few weeks before I go back to my old ways. I'll try not to smoke anymore but find myself with a cigarette in hand before the month of January is over. And while I did manage to save a decent amount of money in 2006 I also managed to charge way more than I intended. I wonder if I'll ever change or if this will be a pattern that continues throughout my life. Maybe its because nothing ever changes in my life. I've been, for the most part, single and living alone for many years. Maybe I need some outside influence to stir things up.

OK, no more Debbie Downer. I have Jarrett coming to spend the weekend with me starting tomorrow and I gotta make sure its a fuckin kick ass weekend. Its not only New Years Eve on Sunday but thats also Jarrett's birthday. Hopefully the next time I write on here I'll have some crazy tales of debauchery.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

What a week

After enjoying the rest of the weekend I returned to work on Monday and have been crazy busy. NOT fun I tell ya.

Saturday night I had recovered from my hangover and went to Shruti's parents' house for dinner. Her mom is an amazing cook so was there was some delicious Indian food and dessert. Plus I love when we do the occassional hang out thing with Philippa who was there as well.

Sunday I was actually productive and did some domestic things around the place - laundry, cooking, cleaning. Basically being little Suzy Homemaker. I think I could get used to a housewife role - as long as I don't start wearing elastic waistband pants and talking to the stove.

Monday night after work I managed to make it back to the gym, had a great sushi dinner afterwards (although way too much sake) and then met Jess and Tara at Piano's for a Scourge of the Sea show. Those guys are great...from quiet songs to big jam out sessions, great vocal harmonies, and the members trading off instruments like they're changing their socks - effortlessly. I can't wait to see them again the next time they drive in from Kentucky.

The last 2 days have been nothing but work work work. Although there is someone who manages to put a smile on my face every time he writes. DC if you read this, you know it's you I'm referring to ;-)

Friday, December 1, 2006


One would figure working for an IT consulting firm I would have a basic understanding of computers and posting something as simple as a blog. This is not the case. Yesterday, after having created this blog, I aslo downloaded Hello - a program to help me post pictures on my site. Well, almost 24 hours later I have no idea how to use Hello and cannot figure out how to post a picture to my profile. Which is wierd because I was able to post a picture directly in my post for Groundhog Day. Who knows, it's not like anyone is going to be reading my oh so boring posts anyway. Still though, its very frustrating. Hopefully in a few more hours I'll be at my company holiday party looking like my green little friend above.

Oh my aching head

Last night was my company's holiday party. More on that later. Before the party I decided to go and see Shortbus at Clearview Cinema on 23rd St. I never go there and was pretty suprised, and happy, to see this small independent film on a rather large screen.

I have to say, what a great movie. Its pretty rare that I get drawn into the character's lives on screen and completely forget that I'm watching a movie. But there were points where I felt like it was a documentary. And not because all the performances were amazing, but more because the dialogue and situations rang true. I had read some cast interviews before going to see it and I understand the "couples" in the movie actually spent a couple of years developing their characters, their relationships, and even their dialogue. Someone should suggest this to bigger filmmakers - although when the Hollywood elite are trying to squeeze as many $20 million roles as they can into a year I guess they don't have the time to develop their characters or have actual chemistry with the other actors.

Anywho, the party. Blah. In all fairness it was a decent venue (Triumph room in Providence restaurant on W.57th). And for most of my 20-somthing, hip hop loving, high fiving, fratboy minded coworkers it was probably a great time. I unfortunately am not in my 20's, hate hip hop, and never was a frat boy, so for me it was a long evening. How does one handle such a situation? Jack 'n coke, Pete's Wicked Ale, vodka sodas. So I was able to numb my senses, make the most of it and even wound up at the after party bar of choice - Social. Ugghhhh is all I have to say. Social is one of those bars where people with abosulutely no taste in anything, and guys who only know how to communicate to other guys by discussing sports (which was on all the tv monitors), go to drink and actually think a midtown bar is "happening". When I look at these people I can hear the neighbor in American Beauty telling Mena Suvari (sp?) "You're boring and you know it".

Luckily a coworker had his car and lives nearby in Flatbush so I was able to escape and get home relatively early. Unfortunately the damage was already done though and I'm sitting here this morning with a hangover. Not the my-head-is-pounding type, but more the thick, sluggish, lethargic, hazy feeling that you get after too many nights of heavy drinking. Which is wierd, because other than a glass or 2 of wine after work every night I haven't really been drinking much lately. Oh well, nothing a few cups of coffee won't cure.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Groundhog Day

No, not the actual day where that furry little creature is supposed to become the Sam Champion of the animal kingdom and predict the length of the seasons. But rather the movie - and the fact that my life is not unlike Bill Murray's character. You know, waking up every day to Sonny & Cher singing I Got You Babe and then reliving the same events throughout the day...every day.

Question is, how I'm going to escape it? The routine? The boredom? Perhaps just like in AA the first step is to acknowledge the problem. Unlike AA though I don't have the accompanying 11 steps to follow which is perhaps why I'll wake up tomorrow singing
They say we're young and we don't know We won't find out until we grow
Now if only I could find someone to sing the other part.